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Markerless Tracking

Details of how to use ArbiTrack in Kudan's Unity Plugin

Kudan's markerless tracking, also known as ArbiTrack, allows you to place an object anywhere in the environment and instantly start tracking it.

To see how ArbiTrack is set up, take a look at the 'KudanSample' scene included with the plugin, as well as the SampleApp script.

The Markerless Tracking Method

Likely the first thing relating to ArbiTrack you'll notice is the 'MarkerlessTracking' object. This object contains the Tracking Method Markerless script, which is where the tracker is controlled and its properties are stored. It takes a reference to the KudanTracker script to use its methods.

The Markerless Transform Driver

Within the 'Drivers' object there is an object called 'Markerless'. This holds the Markerless Transform Driver script, which receives a position from the tracker each frame and updates the object it is attached to. This will also move any child objects, which is why any models or other objects to be tracked are placed as a child of the Markerless object.

Starting and Stopping ArbiTrack

The last thing we'll take a look at is the SampleApp script, which controls when we use ArbiTrack.

The script has two methods of note, MarkerlessClicked and StartClicked. These methods are named this way because they are designed to be assigned to button presses in the UI. The MarkerlessClicked method changes the current tracking method being used to ArbiTrack. The StartClicked method gets a starting position and orientation and starts tracking if tracking isn't already running, otherwise it stops tracking.

Markerless Tracking

Details of how to use ArbiTrack in Kudan's Unity Plugin