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Unity Plugin

Common questions about Kudan's Unity Plugin

Which versions of Unity do you support?

As of the latest plugin release, we support Unity 5.2 -> 5.6.

What platforms do you support through Unity?

You can build for either iOS or Android platforms. You can also use play mode in the editor to test out marker tracking via webcam.

What features does the plugin have?

The Unity plugin offers both Marker tracking and ArbiTrack, the same as the native SDKs, as well as events for the detection, tracking and loss of markers. Any and all rendering features are handled by Unity.

Do you have any Unity samples made with the plugin?

Some samples made with the Unity plugin can be found on our demo page.

The screen is grey in Play Mode?

This is because your Editor API Key is incorrect. Make sure you've placed your key in the Editor API Key box on the Kudan Tracker.

How do I get an Editor key?

If you have not already, you will have to register an account with us on our website. Once you're logged in, you can generate 1 free editor license key. This will allow you to test your app in the editor using a webcam.

My app starts, but won't detect any markers and ArbiTrack doesn't work?

This is a common error caused by an incorrect API Key. Check the API Key on the Kudan Camera and the Bundle ID of the project and make sure both are correct.

I have created and added my own custom marker, but it is not being detected?

This can be because the tracker has deemed the image(s) within the marker asset to be of too poor quality to track properly. As a result, it will not load the marker asset to prevent potential complications later on. For more information on how to know what is or is not a good quality marker, please see our guide to "What Makes a Good Marker?".

It says the marker has been detected, but there is no model on it?

This can be one of two things:

  • The Marker Transform Driver's Expected ID is incorrect or empty, so the tracker does not activate the object. Ensure the expected ID matches that of the ID of the marker, given in the KudanAR Toolkit when it was converted.

The default marker's ID is "Lego"

  • The model may actually be on the marker, but it is very small. Increase the scale until you are happy with its size.

I'm getting a DLL Not Found Exception

You will see this error if you are using the 32-bit version of the Unity Editor on Windows. Kudan's plugin only supports the 64-bit version of the Unity Editor.

The app isn't using the right camera

The Kudan Tracker script has a slider labelled Play Mode Webcam ID. If the camera you wish to use is not the one being displayed, check the other IDs.

Unity Plugin

Common questions about Kudan's Unity Plugin